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Yantai Jinmao Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and headquartered in Yantai City, Shandong Province, a beautiful coastal city in eastern China. 
Yantai City is located in the central Shandong Peninsula, located in east longitude 119 ° 34 '~ 121 ° 57', north latitude 36 ° 16 '~ 38 ° 23'. East is adjacent to Weihai city, west is adjacent to Weifang city, southwest is adjacent to Qingdao city, north near to the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, confrontation to the Liaodong Peninsula, and with Dalian city across the sea, forming the maritime gateway of the capital Beijing.  The total area is 13700 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 2722.3 square kilometers.  The coastline is 702.5kms long and the island is 206.62 kms long.
Yantai city has 4 districts (Zhifu District, Fushan District, Muping District and Laishan District), 1 county (Changdao County), 7 county-level cities (Longkou, Laiyang, Laizhou, Penglai, Zhaoyuan, Qixia and Haiyang) , State-level Economic and Technological Development Zone, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Bonded Port Area and Kunyu Mountain Protection Area. The Municipal Government is in Laishan District. At the end of 2016, the resident population of Yantai city was 7.064 million.
Yantai city is an important node city within the the Bohai economic circle, a key city in the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, one of the first batch 14 coastal open cities in China, a coastal city in China, the only international grape wine city in Asia , key construction port city of the national strategy "One Belt and One Road",  a national historical and cultural city, a national civilized city, and together with Weihai city is called China's famous "snow nest". 
On December 7, 2016, Yantai city was listed by the State Council as the third batch of pilot cities for new national urbanization. In 2016, the total output value of Yantai city was RMB 692.56 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1% over 2015.  In 2017, Yantai was selected as The Fifth National Civilized City.
Yantai Jinmao Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. is a well-known diversified modern joint-stock enterprise group. The company adheres to the principle of "based on the domestic market and go toward the world". Its business scope is constantly expanding and its customers are throughout many Asian/European/American countries and regions.
"A single flower does not make a spring, only when all flowers bloom, then spring has really come."  The group company adheres to the principle of "highlighting the main business and diversified development". Its business scope covers many industries such as mine development, gold smelting, chemical industry, finance, agricultural products processing, storage, real estate and environmental protection industries and other industries. The group company has invested RMB 169 million yuan, holding 79% of the shares of Yantai JinAo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.. The group company also holds 35 million shares of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. , is the largest natural person shareholders;  invested RMB 45 million yuan , holding Shandong Laiyang Rural Commercial Bank shares;  invested RMB 2 million yuan, holding 10% shares of Weihai Shengbao Pawn Co., Ltd. Based on accurate prior assessment, sound risk control system and correct investment decision-making, the Company not only formed a business pattern of "one industry is the mainstay and multiple industries simultaneously", but also achieved good returns for all investments.
Group holding company Yantai JinAo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly named Yantai JinAo Smelting Co., Ltd.) is located in Xujiadian Town, Haiyang City, a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Yantai City with a registered capital of RMB100 million yuan and a fixed asset of RMB 700 million yuan , with an annual output of gold 4.5 tons, employees more than 300, is a large-scale comprehensive resource utilization enterprise integrating mining, mineral dressing and smelting.
The company has an experienced, professional science and technology R & D team, combined with the old-aged, middle-aged and young scientist,  including senior professional and technical titles of 12 people, with intermediate professional and technical titles of 20 people, with strong technical strength. The company has established technical cooperation relationship with many domestic scientific research institutes and universities , develops in-depth cooperation and has accumulated rich experience in gold mining, mineral processing, smelting, especially for the ore containing arsenic, carbon, antimony etc. difficult refractory gold ores , has a very unique technology and methods in gold mining, mineral processing, smelting fields. Technology, process control and production capacity has reached world-class level.
The company continue to rely on scientific and technological progress, closely around the key link of restricting production to carry out the scientific research work, to improve production targets, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency of the enterprise, at the same time pay attention to the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements and the protection of intellectual property rights, through technology Innovation, a large number of technical achievements in the actual production process has been applied and achieved good results. At the same time, 16 items high-tech patent applications were completed, including 9 items utility model patents and 7 items invention patents. At present, all 9 utility model patents have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and 6 have been issued certificates.
"Based on users, strict control" is the long time quality control principle of our company . Inspection and testing is a very important technology, the control of the entire production process are organized around them, raw materials, product quality and production process control directly depends on their judgments. The company has special quality control mechanism and perfect quality management system and methods, has the advanced quality inspection, component testing, quality testing and recovery testing equipment,  and at the same time, after many years of production practice, we have trained a large number of skilled professional inspecting &testing personnel and quality inspection items can provide differentiated standard process services according to product and user requirements, and can timely and accurately make quality analysis on the content of various metal and non-metal elements in outsourcing gold concentrates, meanwhile, can make effective comprehensive analysis of the recovery of valuable elements, thus ensuring the common interests of both parties.
Fire assay testing
Sulfide testing
Gold, silver, copper , iron and other elements assay
city of yantai city, mine processing 500,000 tons of ore per year, with an annual output of 0.8 tons of gold, adhering to the principle of "low-carbon operation, green mining, scientific exploitation and maximization of resource utilization".  The mine is an underground mining mode, using advanced mining equipment, adopting mature mechanized mining technology, rock burst prevention and prediction technology ,hoisting system, deep well ventilation and cooling, shaft + blind shaft joint development of transport solutions and other technologies, continue to promote the integration of resources, and strengthen the production organization and business management, and strengthen safety and environmental protection and landscaping work, technology and economic technical indicators have reached the international advanced level and realizing the harmonious development of resource exploitation and ecological environment protection , at the same time accelerate the exploration and construction, low-grade ore utilization and capacity expansion work to achieve scientific development and rapid development, has become a world-class eco-environmental protection mine.
The main mine
Mine hoist
hoisting machine
control room
Each deposit has its own characteristics. The processing of specific ores requires elaborate processes, complex processing equipment and corresponding technical methods, to be finished effectively by cooperating with each other closely, and can not be deduced by subjective guesswork. Even good quality ores can produce inferior products if they are improperly processed. On the contrary, careful and scientific mineral dressing techniques often get higher quality products from inferior ores. Especially for comprehensive recovery of ores associated with more valuable metals, the production recovery rate is very low when using traditional flotation technology, needing more sophisticated equipment, more advanced technology, more professional management & control requirements to process them.
The floatation factory of the company was built in the nineties of last century,  after decades of development and construction, has formed daily processing capacity of 1,500 tons of raw ores, and after many times upgrades, transformation and innovation, the current production system has achieved equipment Large-scale, production automation, intelligent control, through the use of key parameters of the process online testing and process control, we can realize grinding, flotation, flotation dehydration, flotation reagents preparation and feeding and other production process optimization and control,  thus not only reduces the labor Strength, but also maintain and improve the recovery rate. Flotation tailings adopts filter press technology, has achieved zero emissions, green production, pollution-free. It is an environmentally friendly, resource-saving enterprise.
Ball grinding mill
Spiral classifier
Floatation control room
Arsenic, antimony and carbon-containing gold concentrates are complex refractory minerals well-known in the gold smelting industry. There is no mature treatment technology in current international and domestic fields. Direct gold cyanide leaching rate is low. Gold leaching rate only reaches 70% when using of conventional calcination - calcines cyanidation technology. Because Arsenic/antimony/carbon consume a large amount of oxygen and cyanide during routine cyaniding process and forms a film that prevents the dissolution of gold, even make Chemical leaching difficult to proceed, affect the recovery rate. At the same time, the physical and chemical properties of arsenic and antimony are similar, and the two are difficult to separate effectively. The value of arsenic-antimony mixture is not high. Therefore, before the arsenic calcination removal & before Au and Ag are extracted , the antimony should be separated, otherwise, it is more difficult to separate antimony & arsenic when antimony & arsenic into fumes and turn into condensation crystallization. And it is more difficult to extract gold when gold and antimony generate compound at high temperatures.
Yantai JinAo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has set up a set of recovery system to process the complex refractory gold concentrates, with capacity of 200 tons per day, adopting the world's advanced two stage calcination technology, and grafting the company developed unique technology, to successfully handle various of high content arsenic/antimony/carbon refractory gold concentrates,  comprehensively recovering valuable metals & non-metals in gold concentrates. The main process is  "separation of gold/arsenic/antimony, two stage calcination,  combination with carbon selecting" comprehensive smelting recovery technology: After two-stage calcination, arsenic trioxide and industrial sulphuric acid are produced after fumes are treated by cooling, dust and arsenic collecting, cleaning, drying, absorbing and converting.  Gold and silver are refined after calcines are treated by acid leaching, neutralizing, cyaniding, replacing, and refining. The antimony and carbon gold concentrates are for sale . the waste heat is used for heating,  and realizing the whole process  closed-loop management , No efflux, realizing the comprehensive utilization of resources and clean production, thus not only increased the recovery rate, but also obtained good economic benefits. However, this system has high requirements for safety and environmental protection, technical control, equipment &facilities, and is very difficult to construct.
Over the years, the company has always put safety & environmental protection production in the first place, and rose to height of safety, environmental protection and healthy development is the enterprise life. In order to fully implement the laws and regulations of safety and environmental protection , deepening risk classification control, hidden trouble investigation management system , Strengthen on-site management as the center, and strive to standardize operations, and always implement the production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" and "environmental protection development, zero emissions", and constantly strengthen the implementation of various systems and measures to ensure safety & environmental protection, sustained and stable production.
" People of the same aspiration don't feel distant even if it is far away," "be of good faith, can make friends all over the world." Yantai Jinmao Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. unswervingly adheres to the business philosophy " Complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone ". Faith-based, make friends all over the world, hand in hand to create a better future. 




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