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Three factors to boost the world price of gold higher oscillation


After the end of February after the date of the high oscillation, since the beginning of April, the world's gold Powei uplink, which Shanghai 1112 gold contract on Friday, the main force was ascribed to 310.75 yuan / gram, the highest record during the year, the day the London gold created a $ 1,475.2 / oz record high.
Now, there are three important forces are affecting the global price movements, and is expected to continue to oscillate in the late push up the price of gold.
First, the Middle East war continued, the market demand for safe-haven buying of gold continues to increase. Although many factors affect the price of gold, but because gold is a hedge for investors in times of war the preferred varieties, so every time the price of gold will lead to political instability there are different ranges of prices. Since the March 19 start, the Western countries led by France air strikes against Libya, although it has been implemented in the fight against excessive bye, but still no clear indications that the war would soon end. April 7, a NATO spokesman said NATO will increase the intensity of military action against Libya, the U.S. military-related personnel and even suggested the formation of multi-national ground forces into Libya. As long as the war in the Middle East continue, investors buy gold to hedge through the demand will continue to exist, hedging demand will be strong support for gold will continue to be an important factor in the first.

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